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June 2005

ANTONI MUNTADAS - 51° Biennale di Venezia - Padiglione spagnolo

Since 1995 Muntadas has been working on a series of projects under the title On Translation that explores the phenomena of codification, interpretation and transformation of contemporary cultural facts approached from diverse perspectives and contexts that encompass cultural, linguistic, political and economic issues.


"Perception requires involvement", a sentence that Muntadas has been using in various ways throughtout the series of proposals that make up On Translation, thereby becomes a leitmotif illustrating to what extent these projects actually derive from and are addressed at recipients equipped with their own mechanisms of translation, filter and mediation.


On Translation: I Giardini constitutes a reflection on the meaning that memory attaches to certain public spaces and on the way in which these acquire different levels of representativeness according to the use that is made of them. In this sense, the present project brings together a series of paradoxes that have emerged in the context of the Giardini, and in the Biennale layout itself, regarded here as a sort of metaphorical "place".


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