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May 2005


Twenty-five years of activity and experience, forty agents, over one thousand distributors across Italy and a constantly rising turnover: these are Bot Lighting’s qualities. A company that has successfully developed and acquired an ever more important position on an extremely competitive market. This obviously means knowing how to deal with a rapidly changing market by means of flexible product innovation, a logistics department offering real-time service and an assertive marketing department capable of monitoring all the important signals of a constantly evolving market. However this would not have led Bot Lighting to success had it not been supported by an honest and transparent sales policy and the desire to set up a constructive partnership with its customers. Bot Lighting has indeed always been customer-focussed thanks to the quality of the company's pre- and post-sales services. Bot Lighting, along with the brands Airam and Shot, offers a wide range of light sources satisfying all lighting needs - domestic, civil or industrial. From Airam to neodymium lamps, from incandescent lights to Shot torches and lanterns. Bot Lighting is undoubtedly the ideal partner for the entire lighting engineering sector. Careful attention is paid to the price/quality ratio of all its products, the size and selection of its product range, technical evolution, an ideal level of comfort in terms of ergonomics and practicality, life expectancy and efficiency and eco-compatibility, thanks to its range of energy-saving lamps, making Airam the Italian market leader. Bot Lighting, a company from the Venetian mainland, located close to the lagoon city, stresses a personal link with the region and has chosen to “unite with” the new and prestigious Municipality of Venice brand name. Particularly to support the protection of the city's architectural and artistic importance, therefore contributing to the preservation of its historical cultural heritage.


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