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February 2008

A new Fondaco project aimed at encouraging pride in being part of a unique ancient city, by being directly involved in making the most of its artistic heritage.

This proposal is designed for all those who own or run a business in production and/or commerce in Venice. The aim is to generate widespread local activity and make the most of Venice and its historical and artistic heritage by directly involving the private sector. Every corner of the city is rich in works of art, but these are often neglected even though they are tangible signs of a past and the cultures which still make Venice a point of international reference today. Their individual significance, the anecdotes and interesting stories they could tell, can only be saved from the relentless passage of time if some positive action is taken. The intention of “Venetians for Venice” is to do something more than the commonplace - without belittling the fine work which has been accomplished so far. It is a means of “expanding” the historic city centre, which is not just St. Mark’s Square or the Rialto Bridge. The real challenge we face, besides contributing to making the most of the vast historical and artistic heritage of Venice, is to convince business people to think in terms of the foundations of our past, through the culture which it has developed through its influence. We must make people more aware of Venice and channel our interest as Venetians, and tourists too, towards discovering hidden treasures and their incredible fascination. People working in the city of Venice are very much a part of its microcosm, which leads us to the desire to turn their involvement towards something belonging to all of us and represents that value which helps to make Venice unique. Again a means of rediscovering pride of belonging and being an integral part of a unique fabric, and a means of providing continuity for the future. A series of works have been selected, in collaboration with the Venice City Council, which are in need of restoration. To ensure that relations between the company and the local area are set up or consolidated, Fondaco will organise a specific study for each initiative, to identify affinities with the property to be restored. Fondaco will be taking care of each individual initiative at all stages, thus being responsible and the point of reference for the entire procedure.

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