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February 2005 - NALONI

February 2005


Designing, making and selling gold watches is a tradition for NALONI which was founded in the 1950s, by the hand of a family of artists and craftsmen whose aim was to innovate and create time-pieces, unique in quality, technique and design. Since 1953, the year the company was founded, NALONI has had success and recognition in the watchmaking sector, which quite rightly place it among the most valued and highly esteemed companies on the international market. In a time when everything seems to have already been invented and each direction already discovered, NALONI’s inventors have maintained a passion and love for what they do, which pushes them to continuous research along new paths, in the noble dimension of time. NALONI’s watch collections are not only the product of their artists’ genius but they demonstrate the taste and creativity of ITALY, which is recognised and immediately identified in the products, to such an extent that they can be certified with the Brand name DMI® Designed & Manufactured in Italy. DMI ® is therefore a product certification, exclusively created by NALONI watches which, in a world full of imitations and objects of unknown quality, guarantees the place of origin and authenticity of its products. For those at NALONI, being Italian means being preservers and heirs of an important past, a past made up of artists and scientists who have made Italy famous throughout the world.


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