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June 2011

With the aim of creating a link between the cities of water and of land through the power of artistic expression, Alberto Peruzzo had the pleasure of opening up Marghera’s Arzanà Navi shipyards for guests to continue celebrations.

I feel a sense of great excitement in the air. My concept of “Industrial Atmosphere” is starting to take shape”, Alberto Peruzzo tells us, “The idea of living both in the moment of the Biennale and in the everyday reality of the shipyards is intriguing. The industrial area of Marghera emanates an immense charm and I am increasingly convinced that the challenge of building up a modern city awaits us here. I experienced great emotion seeing the eyes of my guests when they disembarked in the shipyards, leaving behind the ancient beauty of the city of Venice. They found themselves facing a post-industrial archaeology which has marked the birth and the development of the largest production area in Europe, which rose up in the 20th century, driven by Count Volpi, a modern and futuristic visionary. Here lie all the factors for a new industrial renaissance. To us it seemed almost trivial to “rent” a building in the centre of Venice. We are young entrepreneurs, and Arzanà Navi is a business wherein innovation is a source of strength. Which is why we wanted to find something innovative, a place that would be different and original.”


Designed by Plessi, “Industrial Atmosphere” has been coordinated by Fondaco’s Giovanna Zabotti, with music edited by Cristiano Spiller and catering entrusted to Celeste Tonon.


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