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March 2011

"It seems almost impossible that three years have passed already." So says Nicholas Guido Rizzo and when you stop to reflect on the original route have accomplished in the City, as part of X Venetians Venice, created by Fondaco in collaboration with the Department of Public Works of the City. The first milestone was reached: in fact, completed the cleaning and restoration of the well-head to Campo SS. Apostles, the third in order of time, after that of San Marcuola and St. Sophia, to have been taken from the historic Venetian family of bakers.

"It was a new and beautiful - and Nicola Rizzo Guido debut - which has enabled us to see the city differently. If we could, I would recommend to all persons who have a chance. We realize that it is a difficult time so we decided to deal directly heritage of Venice, because only starting from small things great things are achieved. And our cities, perhaps more than others, you really need from these beginnings". “Joining the project x Venetians Venice - the brothers continue Rizzo - has given many incentives to create new products, from bread to chocolate Vivaldi Venice, bound to tradition and to communicate in a different way from that to which we were accustomed. And while we have also enlarged as an asset". "For this reason - and conclude Guido Nicola Rizzo - we are working with Fondaco to take another step between the Venetians Venice x but this is another new story. For now we're really proud and delighted to have helped to improve three beautiful areas of our beloved city. We hope that from now on there will be an eye toward these three wellheads and which activates a sort of territorial control by all of us who are the custodians of Venice". "I greet with great joy to return to the original beauty of well-head to Campo Santi Apostoli - says the Deputy Mayor for Public Works Alessandro Maggioni - a place that represents the starting point of one of the most popular features and the historical city. An intervention of high quality made possible by the expertise and skill of the restorers of Venice. " 
"I wish to express satisfaction in seeing that our entrepreneurs, with their direct involvement, sensitivity and show gratitude to the historical and artistic heritage of the city. This confirms - continues Maggioni - that the way has been opened and that the public-private relationship can lead to concrete results". "I sincerely thank you for the Rizzo family joined the project" Venice Venice x "- concludes Maggioni - and have in turn enabled the promotion and dissemination of this initiative involving other contractors. My hope is that this genuine team spirit and cooperation will spread as widely as possible in our communities so that we can achieve many other valuable targets. It 's a real signal and positive, I like to point out, comes from young entrepreneurs and this means that there is a fertile ground from which to refer to and draw energy and resources in favor of Venice". "The experience that we have been living with the family Rizzo - says Enrico Bressan of Fondaco - was full of initiatives: Enjoy the city, shops, bread Venice, Vivaldi bon bon, the shopper with the brand of the Venetians x Venice, were born just by taking care of three wellheads to involve other businesses and entrepreneurs". "For us it is always curious to observe and understand what they see in a restoration contractor - Bressan continues - and it often surprises us. It develops a spirit of responsibility to the City and allegiance to it unthinkable, whence new ideas and initiatives. Very nice site visits in which we held with some classes of primary schools. The comparison with the history and comparison with the restoration has been a source of great interest to children. It 'good to be involved and that approprino from an early age in Venice because that way you create and solidify a sense of belonging". "I would like to thank Nicholas Guido and Rizzo and their family - concludes Enrico Bressan - of what has been done to date and have contributed with their sensitivity, their entrepreneurial spirit and their joy, it never hurts to recovery three exceptional views of our city".

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