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November 2009

“Strike while the iron is hot” is the spirit with which Ettore Bertoldini metal constructions, a historical company of master ironworkers, is participating in the “Veneziani x Venezia” – or “Venetians for Venice” – project. A nice way of saying ”get going while the getting is good”. In other words, to promote the historical heritage of Venice by polishing the sense of belonging and civic responsibility by leaving less room for words and more room for tangible deeds.


<p style="\\"text-align:" justify;="" \\"=""> The crafts dimension today appears a bit faded, incapable of keeping abreast with modern times and not able to define its own role on today’s markets. Actually, manual skills, inventiveness, sensitivity, and aesthetic culture also drive the most advanced technological sectors.

This gives rise to the need of escaping this dangerous point of no return to block the virtuosities that push this world into closing up. It is a need that an illuminated company like Ettore Bertoldini is aware of during these difficult times, when the capacity to be self-critical, decision-making skills, and confidence in the future are required. A company that stands solidly upon its own tradition and collaborates with designers and architects of international renown, that reacts by training new generations, that invests in research and experiments new proposals, like the watertight bulkhead - a very useful yet very simple instrument for dealing with the problem of tidal flooding.


People are embracing this new competitive spirit that brings us closer to the city rather than keeping us at a distance, that decides to go beyond and present itself as purely Venetian yet somewhat offbeat, as it attributes the added value of communication, development and production to this sense of belonging. Herein lies the strength of the “Veneziani x Venezia” project, a “non-place” where businesses become proactive because Venice is a city of culture, and a city of the future.


<p style="\\"text-align:" justify;="" \\"=""> The challenge to spread good will continues.

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