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October 2009

With the highest Venetian authorities present, the restoration of the first of seven fireplaces in the Doge’s apartment in the Palace has been completed with the Marsilli family’s contribution. This beautiful work was created in marble by the brothers Tullio and Antonio Lombardo for the Doge Agostino Barbarigo at the beginning of the 16th Century.

The Marsilli family decided to take part in the “Venetians for Venice” project, launched by Fondaco together with Venice City Council, with the restoration of the fireplaces in the Doge’s apartment in the Palace. They have reached the first of seven milestones. With the highest Institutional Authorities present, this work of art is again resplendent thanks to Lares restorers’ meticulous work under the supervision of the Council and Superintendence’s technicians. The opening of the work gives great satisfaction to these illustrious Venetian business people. Luciano Marsilli said, “It is a wonderful experience, one of great inspiration and energy, and for which I have received reliable feedback which confirms that I made a good choice. For this reason I would like to renew my appeal for other local businesses to become part of the “Venetians for Venice” project. “I really feel that it is the right time for a return to an era in which a sense of civic duty and belonging are expressed through concrete examples. Da parole ai fatti [from words to actions] was a famous slogan years ago. We must think positively again and invest in our city because it means we believe in ourselves. We business people must do this in the same spirit with which we work in our companies every day. To love your work means to love the city you work in, and we must express this sentiment today with generosity and concrete actions. It’s worth it!

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