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October 2009

Mission accomplished! Thanks to the Rizzo family the Santa Sofia wellhead is again resplendent in one of the most popular and authentically Venetian spots, the Strada Nuova. This is a positive message which testifies to the desire to play an active role in the protection of Venice’s artistic heritage.

In these times of changes and economic uncertainty, the initiative stands out as a fine example of how the value of Venice is undisputable. This is how the Rizzo family have interpreted the opportunity, applying it to their daily activities, by including employees and customers alike in an exemplary commitment which will confer benefits to the wider community. The perfect cooperation with the City Council and the Superintendency confirms that concrete results can be satisfyingly achieved within established deadlines. Enrico Bressan from Fondaco, the Venetian communications company that set up the project in collaboration with Venice City Council, says; “I think Venetians for Venice is a winning formula that puts facts before words. It is a tool we to be used to rekindle a civic sense, a feeling of belonging and participation, and to strengthen the public/private relationship, thereby refuting the cliché that the Venetians don’t care about their city’s future. “A sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and desire to be actively involved are the qualities of the business owners in this project. Bressan concludes “We are satisfied because the results have been achieved while respecting the fixed time limits while guaranteeing the highest quality restoration with the professionalism of expert Venetians.” Guido and Nicola Rizzo say, “We are being given a truly wonderful experience, on a personal as much as a professional level. We have received so many messages expressing praise and appreciation. It gives us great pleasure to feel supported by our customers who themselves feel part of the project; to us that’s the right attitude, because results can be achieved by people’s involvement. “Devotion to the ‘Venetians for Venice’ project has allowed us to revive our love for this city and it has also stimulated the kick-starting of new initiatives that have enhanced the image of our company. “We have never hesitated over the merit of the proposal, and we have never doubted the validity of the project, but,” Guido and Nicola Rizzo continue, “we must admit that we never imagined the inspiration we would get for starting all these initiatives, that apart from everything else were original and innovative. For us Venetian business owners, this is the added value of our city, as a unique urban centre and as a generator of inspiration and ideas.” The Mayor of Venice Massimo Cacciari says, “I think that the positive relationship between business and Venice’s historical heritage is both vital and truly indispensable. It is one which is being developed through the ‘Venetians for Venice’ project proposed by Fondaco. From the outset, the City Council believed in it and we have given it our utmost support. This is the right road to go along: making private resources converge into projects that aim at the protection, renovation and enrichment of Venice’s heritage in these times of very tight public purse strings. The Mayor concluded; “While I heartily thank Rizzo Pane on behalf of the whole city, I hope that this concrete gesture may be replicated by other businesses and professional organizations in Venice.”

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