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November 2008

The Marsilli family, well-known Venetian restaurant owners, takes part in the Fondaco project "Venetians for Venice".

“What is Venice for you? Venice has given me so much that it represents a wonderful chapter of my life. This has been the starting point for the idea and the desire to do something concrete. Without the beauties of this splendid city, there would be no tourism, no thriving economy and many businesses would just not exist at all. Working towards improving things is both a duty and an honour”. This was how Luciano Marsilli introduced himself – says Enrico Bressan of Fondaco – the result of experience, hard work and sensitivity of the businessman who knows how to live and work in and area rich in resources. What emerges is the desire to take up the challenge of seeking new stimuli and taking up ideas from the city’s historical-artistic heritage. The restoration of the seven chimneys of the Doge's apartment is a project Marsilli has chosen with great enthusiasm – Bressan goes on – because it is also connected with the family's business; the chimney taken loosely to mean not only the instrument used for heating but also as a “kitchen”. From this starting point came the research at the Correr and Marciana libraries into the notions and meanings of the seven works of art created by the Lombardo Brothers at the beginning of the 15th century. The rich bass reliefs adorning all the chimneys – says Giovanna Zabotti of Fondaco – highlight a past of great prestige in which stories of interesting persons and things are narrated. We have identified the doges who made them and then, over time, embellished this part of the Doge's Palace; the forms of the persons, objects and spices carved into the marble and the trade of food products in those times. From here – Zabotti continues – we began certain initiatives that will bond the two restaurants throughout the restoration works. Recipes of typical dishes, the history of Venetian cooking, evenings devoted to more in-depth discussion with experts from the sector and activities of communication dedicated to focussing on the relationship between company and cultural assets. This type of language gives the possibility to the business people to discover new opportunities for improving their own business activity. The Marsilli family’s coming into the group of "Venetians for Venice" – says Bressan – takes on a poignant meaning for it confirms the willingness of the local business community to work in the interests of their city by taking part in a concrete project. We feel that the willingness to become involved is becoming increasingly wider-spread and we are indeed already working on other new projects. The awareness is catching on that public resources are severely lacking and that, if we all do our bit by “adopting” a work of art, important results can be attained. Venice – concludes Bressan – has a huge wealth of heritage. The key for opening the doors lies entirely in the way of how it is addressed, and in the time devoted to cultural understanding and the interpretations we want to assign to everything. Every corner can represent an important stimulus for the business person and our work consists in identifying both the works to revive and the adopting businesses. The joining of the Marsilli family is yet another confirmation of this.


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