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February 2004

Telecom’s “Alice” on the Grand Canal

The season of restoration starts from Ca' Corner della Regina. It is sponsored by companies with the help of advertising the extent of which has never been done before. It is being carried out by Italy’s largest telephone company, Telecom Italia, which came to Venice with a specific advertising campaign under which it underlines the uniqueness and importance of this city compared with others. Fernanda Lessa and Federica Fontana, one an experienced gondolier and the other a witty tourist, lend their talents for a photograph that effectively advertises the company’s new, faster broadband Internet connection. From the Bridge of Sighs, two celebrity spokespeople can be seen darting along a completely deserted rio in a gondola moving at high speed. History allows technological innovations to be displayed - a form of communication that allowed Telecom’s Alice brand to distinguish itself from its competitors.


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