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March 2008

“Pane Venezia” (Venetian Bread): a new symbol by means of which the businessman’s sensibility is strengthened, so as to contribute to the improvement of Venice. Rizzo, a historic name in local business, has joined the “Venetians for Venice” group. This is an important form of affiliation, for the Rizzo family has always manifested marked sensitivity towards the city, “taking to the field” on may occasions. Today it is the new generation that is going into action and taking on the task of continuing in the family tradition with this concrete and active demonstration, which is intended as an example for all. This shows that the civic sense and the pride of belonging to Venice have not just been handed down but are also being vigorously re-launched.

The spirit of this challenge comes from a desire to show that the city of Venice can count on its citizens. Despite their dwindling numbers they are not for this reason any less motivated. The very numerous business and commercial enterprises that have their home in Venice owe their raison d’être precisely to the city’s uniqueness. Without this many of them would not exist. From this must come a sentiment of gratitude towards Venice which finds the urge to pride in belonging to it and in the direct commitment on the part of the private citizen in providing works for the enhancement of the city’s architectural heritage. “Working excites” is a declaration which Guido and Niocla Rizzo read some time ago in an interview given by Luciano Benetton, and they have made it their own. They identify with it because it is a feeling which has been handed down to them by their parents. “Working in order to do something concrete for our city” excites us. For us, the idea came to maturation of committing ourselves to an act of generosity, but we did not know how to realise this. The Fondaco proposal came at the right moment and immediately filled us with enthusiasm, with its innovative spirit and entrepreneurial attitude (reliable timing and costs). Today, a dream is coming true for us, because a sensitivity is taking form with regard to the artistic and historical heritage, which, through the education that our parents have given us, has always been a value central to our every thought. This is a family culture of which we are proud, and which enhances our ties to this incomparable.territory. It is a concept handed down over the generations. Our hope is that other Venetian firms will participate in this initiative. Teaming up with a renewed spirit of involvement is the best and most useful thing we can do to reverse the trend of indifference and gradual decline of our heritage, towards which we Venetians are both witnesses and responsible to the same extent. We feel that the time has come to put an end to complaints and criticism and to spring into action with concrete actions. We need to reacquire the role of leader in this, our city, which has always been a leader. We are joined in this by our customers, whom we wish to involve in this initiative, proposing a new product to them: “Venetian bread” following the tradition of the tastes and flavours of the La Serenissima, produced with natural leavening and type 1 medium ground flour which, on account of its characteristics, keeps its flavour and aroma. At the same time a process of communication is being launched, at the centre of which there is the restoration of the three well curbs (San Marcuola, Santa Fosca and Santi Apostoli) located along the path upon which our activity is developed. In this way, we shall be accompanied daily by art and history, by our heritage. Yet it is also an important occasion for injecting the image and tradition of our company with new energy and content to maintain and strengthen the popular spirit, which is an active and dynamic characteristic which we want to convey to Venice and our co-citizens! For Fondaco, there is the satisfaction in knowing that “Venice for the Venetians” is a proposal which has been greeted in a highly positive manner, and that enthusiasm to participate is spreading, which is the best form of energy to assist in this challenge.


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