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February 2005 - ST. MARK’S LIBRARY

February 2005

Jewellery and luxury fashion goods

Thanks to the prestigious company from Rome, an international leader in the goldsmith sector, Fondaco appears in St. Mark’s Square to contribute to the completion of the first stage of restoration work on St Mark’s Library. This is the first time for such an event to take place and it is the result of a very concrete synergic relationship with the Venice Superintendency of Cultural Heritage, which will lead to other important restoration projects. This is also the first time that a company can display its own products, and Bulgari has chosen to present them in the world’s "drawing room". The two main models are: the Ergon watch, destined to become a "cult" item, and the multicoloured parure of yellow gold studded with precious stones. A great scenic effect that has made St. Mark’s Square even more precious by Bulgari’s historical style.


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