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December 2007 - THE DOGE'S PALACE - Restoration of the Virtý statues

December 2007

Fondaco has presented the beginning of the restoration work on the six Virtù statues in the Loggia Foscara of the Doge's Palace. Until 2005 these statues adorned the large window in the Sala Del Maggior Consiglio, opposite St. Mark's basin. Marina and Susanna Sent, Project leaders, Mario Massimo Cherido of Lares, the company that will carry out the restoration work, Giandomenico Romanelli, Director of the Venice Civic Museums, and Mara Rumiz, City Councillor, all took part in the press conference.

Fondaco presents the restoration of the Statue delle Virtù from the large window in the Sala Del Maggior Consiglio in the Doge's Palace. It was a very delicate assignment starting at a difficult time for this prestigious Venetian monument. "The research of the entrepreneur proposing this operation - says Enrico Bressan, sole administrator for Fondaco - has fallen upon a Venetian company. It was what we wanted from the outsef, for we are convinced that the desire to do one's utmost for the city comes to the fore at crucial times". The leading players today are the sisters Marina and Susanna Sent, entrepreneurs from Venice, who are present with their "jewels" in the most renowned international museums like MoMa in New York, the Guggenheim in Bilbao and Venice, and our Venetian Civic Museums. Their customers include names from Italy and abroad. They achieve results by always keeping away from the spotlight and clamour of the media, but they are under the inquisitive eye of the important dailies, such as the Herald Tribune. It is a highly valued professional profile united with sensitivity for their city, of which they are proud. They have worked in such a way that this project has materialised in complete harmony with Venice’s city council and civic museums. "I am convinced - says Bressan – that, from this, a journey can begin in which Venetians, involved in the right way, can carry out a leading role in the development of the artistic heritage of their city". "The Sent sisters are an example of this - continues Bressan – which I hope will work as an incentive for other initiatives in Venice, to show that there is the feeling of pride and the right spirit of belonging to this immense heritage". "The enthusiasm with which this proposal has been received by the Sent sisters, says Giovanna Zabotti, head of creativity and marketing at Fondaco - has made it possible to understand the importance of such commitment and to thus also develop artistic production". "An important sign which will always be part of the company's history - continues Zabotti - is the making of a brooch taking inspiration from the Fortezza shield, from which point the restoration project will begin". "Once again - Zabotti concludes - Venice is an inspiration of a contemporary proposal, a union of history and the present where glass, the material that represents Venice like no other, is produced by hand with the most advanced techniques – with “Made in Murano always". "This project - concludes Bressan - is the best way to interpret Fondaco's mission - restoration-action; improvements aimed at actual use. And all of this through the commitment of a Venetian company. Great satisfaction demonstrating that, with a concrete and original proposal, Venice represents a unique, international showcase that gives its rewards. A showcase for us to be in, and one from which we must be able to gaze at the world around us".


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