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November 2006

The leading company for modern chimneys is restoring the fireplaces in the Doge's Palace.

In the Sala dell'Anticollegio, filled with journalists, a new enhancement project for part of Venice's historical-artistic heritage was given the go ahead: the four fireplaces in the Sale Istituzionali of the Doge's Palace. When presenting the initiative, Enrico Bresson from Fondaco said "I am satisfied for having added yet another detail to our company's many activities". These have been works of restoration – or rather of improvement – that have set something more concrete in motion. They are a union between a historical testimony and the present expression of design and technology; they are a winning alliance only made possible by the sensitivity of a large industrial group from north-eastern Italy and world leader, Palazetti. With the fitting comment by City Mayor, Massimo Cacciari, who, while welcoming and thanking the entrepreneurs for their kindness and availability, said "we needs dozens of Palazzetti because we must get it into our heads that the resources of the State are not enough to preserve our heritage. It is possible to carry out some large projects but the multitude of works scattered across Italy - and in Venice in particular - risk getting lost, to the inevitable detriment of us all". The work achieved by Prof. Giandomenico Romanelli, Director of Venice’s Civic Museums, who concentrated on the historical aspects of the work and by Dr. Mario Cherido, owner of Lares Srl concerned with implementing the restoration, who illustrated the methods adopted. To close, Ruben Palazzetti feeling both moved and contented who said he was "proud to complete this restoration project, which will also support the company's image in Italy and the world". In 250 days’ time, Venetians and tourists will be able to come and admire the four fireplaces in the Sale dell'Anticollegio, Collegio, Bussola and Tre Capi, in all their beauty.


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