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February 2005 - PRISONS

February 2005

restoration of the main façade

The Doge’s Palace “new prisons” are an incredible place that played witness to strong scenes and violence. Today it is a prestigious venue in which to welcome exhibitions, concerts and congresses. It has also been the seat of the Taiwan Pavilion of the Venice Biennial Art Exhibition for some years. The restoration process was difficult because of the advanced state of degradation the Istria stone was found in. The revival of this façade's beauty was made possible by the active cooperation between Venice’s Superintendency of Cultural Heritage, Fondaco and Mazda, the Japanese car company which, because of its support, made the completion of the work possible. All of which is confirmation of a universal dimension of this special city, which receives great attention the world over. It is also a concrete testimony to that fact that a strong sense of responsibility exists towards this artistic heritage of inestimable value.


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