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She graduated from the Ca' Foscari University Faculty of Economics course in "Marketing and Business Administration" by discussing the dissertation "Cause related marketing – the case of "Rizzo in Venice". This is how Pordenone born Elisamaria Covre completed her higher education, studying territorial marketing - a topic of great interest and also the subject of a meeting with the Mayor Prof. Massimo Cacciari. Increasingly limited public resources are pushing us to find new tools to support the enhancement of works of art, which are a testimony of our culture and our past. The recent reform of the Code of Cultural Heritage has set new parameters in order to promote relations between firms and the artistic heritage. The road has just begun and will certainly need to be improved, though the interest and commitment of companies to support the enhancement of countless works of art is spreading with positive results.

Elisamaria Covre’s study comes at a time at which it is both important and useful to understand what impact restoration may have on a company’s work. It was inspired by the Rizzo Venetian bakers, who pledged to restore the curbs of the well of San Marcuola, Santa Sofia and the Holy Apostles to their ancient splendour through their support for the "Venetians for Venice" project. The first part of the thesis, which develops the subject through the theories of marketing, is followed by a part focusing on Fondaco’s activities in general and also linked to the spread of the mark of Venice owned by the City. The thesis ends with an analysis of a survey conducted among customers at the company’s points of sale. The sample of 100 respondents shows customers’ unanimous approval of the Rizzo family, so much so that most of them would be willing to take part themselves by "accepting" to pay a supplement in order to support the "noble cause". The methods of communication to be used to disseminate the initiatives are instrumental, taking into account that the historical study was very well-liked as it was considered real "added value". For Fondaco these data confirm a correct interpretation of the needs and objectives of firms and the historic artistic heritage today. Hence the creation of three sections devoted to multinational companies, Triveneto companies and Venetian companies. In addition, the "Enlightened Entrepreneurs" award, in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper and with City of Venice patronage. Well-defined projects in line with the culture and objectives of entrepreneurs - Venice offers countless ideas which confirm that if well managed and interpreted, the wealth of its past may be a strong lever with which to look to the future positively.

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