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with the restoration of the statue of San Giovanni Nepomuceno. “Good morning, my name is Paolo Pellegrini and I would like to become part of “Venetians x Venice” (“x” meaning “for” .. 4). The fifth “Venetian” to join the project launched by Fondaco to add value to the city, came about with a telephone call from the chief of the Pellegrini Group, the historic company that was established in 1924 in San Bartolomeo. “The fact that we were called, means that Venetians 4 Venice is making inroads into the hearts of local business people, who are rediscovering the pride of belonging to the most beautiful city in the world, said Enrico Bressan from Fondaco. I would like to underline that this involves a company that was born in Venice, and that then moved over to Mestre for technical reasons, but has kept its eye on the historical section of the city; essentially an urban company”.

“Supporting restoration work in Venice represents a communications opportunity, which easily reaches its mark in terms of marketing, and strikes a chord with the company’s buyer – continues Bressan – because he can see the company’s image growing and positioning itself on a different level in relation to the competition”. “The enthusiasm that has spread throughout the Company is a kind of litmus paper; because it has given impetus to ideas and injected new energy (we are currently thinking of staging some events during the course of the restoration). It was not a coincidence then that with all the pride of an entrepreneur, Paolo Pellegrini asked to stage the press conference at his offices. The apparent contrast between an artistic work of art and technology provides an interesting overlap, a challenge and the taking of responsibility which is sustained by sensitivity and a sense of belonging”. “Fondaco’s objective is to make business people consider new levels of thinking regarding communication standards, far from today’s inflated principles, which do little to guarantee the correct visibility. Bressan went on to add that, something that we are noticing daily, is that it has become necessary to look at the past more than ever (not in a superficial sense, but with historical depth and research), so as to obtain stimuli and ideas, which can be translated into new languages and new products. In this sense, Venice provides an extensive quality reservoir on which we can draw for any merchandising sector”. “If this theory holds true, and we are absolutely convinced that it does, added Bressan, then “cultural assets” become a positive and real investment option, which will draw the many untapped private resources that today find it difficult to become involved in this type of activity. The undertaking by Pellegrini, which joins those given by other Venetians, represents a very important step and a tangible signal to involve other business people”. “This year marks the 85th anniversary of the founding of Pellegrini: when we asked ourselves how we could celebrate this event, we thought we would like to do something innovative, something that highlights our history, our relationship with our city, and something that would give us extensive coverage.” “We were struck by the way the relationship between a company and its surroundings was being interpreted through the preservation of our artistic heritage, and supported by appropriate communication, some examples of which we had seen around the city. So we made contact with Fondaco.” “It was in 1924 when my grandfather Giuseppe started up the company, by opening a section for selling and renting “typewriting machines” in Campo San Bartolomeo (central Venice island) as an extension to his “typing” school. We remained in Campo San Bartolomeo for more than half a century!“ “For years, with passion and pride, we have carried one of the Venice’s symbols -the gondola-along Europe’s rivers. The spirit of brotherhood and the love for our city have bought many an unforgettable experience.” “Today, with restoration work starting on the statue of San Giovanni Nepomuceno, I believe that we are somehow renewing our sense of belonging, by “infecting” the younger generations who work in the company. I hope this initiative will bring new enthusiasm to the company.”. “In a few days, when the scaffolding is erected, and I see the Pellegrini SpA and GP Dati SpA brand names on the banks of the Grand Canal, I’m sure I will be deeply moved. For, with a touch of pride and a certain sense of satisfaction, it will be like opening a new chapter for my company; one brimming with renewed energy and objectives”.

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