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On the initiative of Fondaco in cooperation with authoritative financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore and the patronage Venice’s city council. It is awarded to Paola Dametto Buziol, head of Fashion Box, owner of the brands Replay, Replay&Sons and We Are Replay. The prize aims to arouse the interest of business people to the ethic of enhancing the value of what belongs to us and what goes towards making our country unique. It is a pause for reflection, study and dialogue, for understanding what we can do concretely and what actions should be started up. It is a moment for identifying how the worlds of public and private come together, for finding mutual satisfactions in the interest of all, and for reinstating a pride in belonging to something special.

The need to bring together innovative instruments for the renovating of artistic heritage becomes a concrete flywheel for bringing in financial resources for the economy. In these times of general crisis, an attention on our artistic heritage can, and must, be that extra gear we must slip into. A sort of guarantee of that Italian quality which, has been the winning asset in tough times for overcoming difficulties competing at top level. Restoration works cannot be limited to merely bringing image benefits for companies and lower costs for public bodies. It must be seen as an opportunity for taking inspiration, new ideas. It must be interpreted also as an occasion for creating other cultural initiatives and of communication, on the strength of which people’s interest can be aroused. Territorial marketing and/or cultural tourism are areas that are important for generating new business opportunities as is borne out by experiences of other benefits gained by other countries’ experiences. The journey started up 5 years ago is the right one. Italy’s artistic heritage can be enhanced only through close ties between state institutions and the private sector, and through a mechanism that is supported by a business logic which respects history and culture - and which guarantees that concrete results are achieved. In Venice, everything is possible because, on noting how state contributions have been eroded over time, the City Council has opened the doors to this type of initiative, becoming a leading player also at a national level. Fondaco’s experience so far moves in the same direction, as is documented by many initiatives undertaken that always have business people at their centre. From restorations made with international companies to the project “Veneziani x Venezia” (“Venetians for Venice”), which some important businesses of the city have taken part in, and others are poised to follow suit. Thus those rumours which talk of the private sector and the local area being detached are refuted. And now the launch of “… near Venice” a project that focuses on business people of Italy’s buzzing North East. Leaders of successful companies are being interested and performing the active role of modern patrons based on innovative communication projects. Businesses and Art: a fundamental relationship for mutual enhancement, delivering a positive message. “I come from Asolo, near Venice” is the “calling card” that Claudio Buziol – founder of Replay who unfortunately died prematurely - probably used when introducing himself during his trips around the world. And like him, many other Italian business people do much the same. It’s a spontaneous and user-friendly way of quickly pinpointing one’s provenance with a spirit of belonging and pride. The love for one’s homeland and the strong ties that the Buziol family and company have always had with Venice today drive Claudio’s wife, Paola Dametto Buziol, to support a restoration project of the façade of Ca’ Rezzonico, one of the oldest and most prestigious palaces of the city. No foreign business person could be protagonist of such a valuable project. The unique nature and beauty of Venice do not fully belong to anyone else. Like with all the initiatives that Fondaco has created, the central role is taken up by historical research and the in-depth study according to the wealth and breadth of the subjects from which to draw, to create “personalized stories” in keeping with the company. This is how it has worked out for Replay and Ca’ Rezzonico. In 1837, in one of the many rooms of the Palazzo, was the atelier of Domenico Brugnoli, at that time a highly popular artisan. He had made his name in Venice for making camicioni (baggy, flowing shirts) made with a particular cloth similar to today’s jeans. In 1888 the palazzo was purchased by English poet Robert Browning’s family, which was attached to that charming foothill village of Asolo. The village, which, already associated to Venice by its history and the Queen Cornaro story, dedicated its main street to Browning. From these two historical items of curiosity springs the interest of Replay for Ca’ Rezzonico, a relationship which will last a year and a half and during which there will be rolled out several cultural and communication initiatives that we are already working on in conjunction with the Council and the Museums Foundation. Fondaco hopes that the example offered today by Fashion Box may be the reason for attention and stimulus for other business people of this area so that they may identify themselves in that “… near Venice” that has accompanied them on their travels. The initiative is concrete proof of the economic and cultural evolution of this part of Italy and amounts to an act of generosity towards future generations to whom, under an ethic of responsible, Venice must be handed down in better condition than that in which we found it. Rather than a end in itself, the “Enlightened Entrepreneurs” prize sets out to be a starting-out point. One from which to aim towards an important, wide-ranging project in which cultural assets represent value (not costs) and the flag under which the country stands. Fondaco extends its heartfelt thanks to Paola Dametto Buziol and to Fashion Box for having shown such enthusiasm in taking up this project, which is for us a source of great satisfaction and pride. We would also like to warmly thank the Venice city council and Superintendency for their readiness to actively contribute and cooperate concretely. This allowed the operative paths to be identified and the best result achieved. Photos by Isabella Balena (

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