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Veneto businessmen have always had a special feeling for Venice. The Loggia Foscara of Doge's Palace was the splendid setting for the presentation of the latest Fondaco initiative in partnership with the Tipografia Asolana and the City of Venice. An innovative product that stands apart from all others. A postcard with a twelve-minute long mini DVD made by Rai Trade in six languages and containing images of the real Venice. Venice’s own economic operators applauded this proposal enthusiastically, especially because the city is portrayed in particularly fine array thanks to the Tipografia Asolana having financed the restoration of the statues of the three Saints (Mark, Peter, and Paul) that enhance the large window of the Hall of the Great Council in the Doge’s Palace.

The relationship between Asolo and Venice dates back to the 1300s when the city embarked on an age of glory under Venetian rule. In 1489, Venice invested Caterina Corsaro, the once queen of Cyprus, with the Seigniory of Asolo. Giosuè Carducci was wont to define Asolo “The city with 100 horizons”, Eleonora Duse called it “The city of lace” in reference to its vicinity to Burano, an in 2003 it became “The Venetian city of culture”. Two entities that have always found an added value in the culture upon which their identity is based and upon which they can build themselves an identity. Today this link is amplified and consolidated thanks to a company, the Tipografia Asolana, which enthusiastically welcomed the Fondaco project from the start: the restoration of the statues of St. Mark, St. Paul, and St. Peter that embellished the large window of the Hall of the Great Council in the Doge’s Palace overlooking the quay. “The fact that young entrepreneurs, who have evidently received a sensitive and attentive education concerning their own origins and their ties with the territory have welcomed this proposal is for us a confirmation that Venice, if interpreted correctly and with qualified contents, is an added value for our business,” claims Enrico Bressan, Fondaco president. “That added value allows us to stand out in the crowd and guarantees uniqueness over our competitors in a market that is increasingly standardised. It is stimulating,” continues Bressan, “to launch a new product through the past. This is the link that Fondaco seeks to instil in each project to draw in the businessman and his company and that eventually breathes life into unique communications activities." “The multimedia postcard,” adds Giovanna Zabotti, Fondaco marketing and creativity manager, “is a high quality innovative tool that stands out from all other proposals. For this reason we believe it could be an extremely interesting offer for tourists. An original way of proposing Venice that was warmly welcomed among the city’s economic operators. “What we would like to think,” concludes Zabotti, “ is that through this tool even the city will benefit from the promotion of these three statues, which we hope will be appreciated as soon as possible by all those who visit the Doge’s Palace.” “The objective of Fondaco,” continues Bressan, “is to succeed in restoring the large exterior window to its original beauty by realizing moulds of all the statues as was done for St. Mark’s Basilica with the Four Horses. We have already been notified of the willingness of some companies to participate, and this encourages us with regards to reaching our goal." “On behalf of Fondaco,” concludes Bressan, “we are now reaping the satisfaction of being able to consolidate one of the objectives that we had established last year. Initiatives of this kind, in addition to benefiting Venice, represent an opportunity for all of our businesses and demonstrate the attention they pay to culture. The region of Veneto has its business model and its core is culture.”

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