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MOLESKINE-VENICE: a partnership of great cultural value designed and promoted by Fondaco


At last, the Moleskine City Notebook of Venice has arrived and it’s already a cult! The first travel guide you write yourself: streets of stone and water with young artists from across the world. In the shop-windows of the Mondadori and Toletta bookshops, the stationer’s Testolini, the bookshops in the Doge’s Palace, the Correr Museum, Ca' Rezzonico and Ca' Pesaro and also in Mestre’s Feltrinelli store, the Venice City Notebook is already on display. At the press conference presentation great enthusiasm was shown towards this new and important enterprise proposed by Fondaco. “When treating something typically circulating among young people, Moleskine is a great way to modernise the city's image and to stimulate non conventional attitudes towards it" said the Mayor of Venice, Massimo Cacciari. Such declaration is the essence of the philosophy of the activity that Fondaco has been developing over the last three years, with the aim of achieving concrete projects for the city by involving companies of high stature. We would like to thank Moleskine for believing in our proposal from the outset, interpreting Venice as a real international “window display” to come and look at.

As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. October 2006, Milan, Spazio Libri Armani, the shop assistant has just finished displaying a new series of Moleskine products. The new City Notebooks of 16 internationals cities. We have a quick glance through the titles and realise that Venice is not there. After further enquiries, it is confirmed that Venice is not part of the first series of books published. Feeling extremely disappointed, we send an enthusiastic mail, full of energy, to the general info@ and we ask for a meeting. Fondaco believes that Moleskine, and the world surrounding it, symbolise an ideal reference point and a suitable platform on which to place the image of Venice and its Brand. In short an opportunity to be seized. After a few days the following reply arrived: Okay, let’s meet! This is the brief version (jotted down in a Moleskine of course!) of the events leading up to the presentation of this initiative today. A great Italian “Made in the World” brand working with Venice, the “universal” Italian city par excellence. The company is unique in the fact it uses “word of mouth” as a form of advertising in a world where advertising often, and quiet voluntarily, surpasses the limits, entering our lives in every possible way, at any moment, often invading our personal space. Venice is such a highly valued city that it does not need publicity. Two different styles, two unique ways of life that now come together. It is a natural meeting that is materialised in the support of the activity by young artists chosen by the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation; a way to confirm the vitality of this city, which has always been a reference point for all kinds of artistic expressions. Moleskine is the expression of a world changing within cultural change in the widest sense of the term. For Fondaco it represents the human aspect of a world in continuous acceleration. “Publishers of white pages” this is how Moleskine love to be defined, a free brand for the total lack of ideological connotation, a brand of people and contents. It almost seems a contradiction but is actually an authentic way to make you reflect and thus fill-up these white pages in any shape or fashion. In these all-technological times, it is incredible that a cluster of white pages, bound together and closed with an elastic strap, represent an important instrument with which a community without limits can identify itself. The Venice City Notebook is exactly this, an instrument that the tourist or the Venetian will fill with notes, feelings, reflections and drawings. A container in which each individual owner will create their own personal guide to Venice. But to begin this relationship today also means entering into a virtual dimension that has no limits and within which different experiences and cultures dwell and meet; almost reproposing what Venice experienced centuries ago, when its boundaries were thrust upon distant lands. In terms of communication and images, it is a great opportunity to dive into and to get even closer to the great capital cities of the world like London, New York, San Francisco, Paris and Berlin, which are already part of the Moleskine network, and to the others which will soon become part of it too. This confirms that Venice is an international city. For Fondaco, great satisfaction is felt for having contributed to fulfilling of this partnership, with auspices that new projects for the city can be written on these white pages.

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